Tuesday, April 5, 2011



It has been a joyous moment blogging to you, Msholozi, my Commander in Chief and President of the Republic of South Africa.  But now the Honourable Minster concerned with the department under which I serve has got a team of powerful lawyers waiting for me at the High Court for an interdict.

Her wish is my command; and I have accordingly instructed my own lawyers to seek an out-of-court settlement, namely that I will stop posting any further on this blog in exchange for no prosecutions as unnecessarily drummed up and around by Lieutenant General Matanzima.

If the general had asked me, I would have shown him a letter from previous General Nyanda who gave me the permission to interact with the mass media in a letter that stated: "... it is a matter between you, Phiri, and the media..."

*So, I do not know, Your Excellency, why Lieutenant General Temba Matanzima is getting jittery only this time about my blogging when his department knew 2008 already that I am now blogging over issues of sex-for-promotion committed in the SANDF particularly by Lieutenant General Matanzima's own self-styled cousin, Brigadier General Bobelo Zini.

I guess the timing for the general to be angry with me and to initiate all the acts of harassment he has initiated, as if the SANDF is the former Bantustan Transkei Defence Force where they would arbitrarily politicize genuine grievances of soldiers, get them locked up, falsely charged or simply shot (whenever they were not planning some Bantustan coup or counter coup)....

.....That timing is straightforward: Matanzima wants to impress Your Excellency that he is a good commander worthy of becoming a full-fledged Chief of the SANDF.  I wish him good luck if he gets that post and I will continue as a disciplined soldier to salute just as long as I still live, which is not like I am afraid to die at his hands in my fight against the corruption he personally has been shielding for the past 10 years, regarding Winnie Ntombizodwa Bobelo-Zini.

While I thank Your Excellency and the Presidency for having read my blog, I must also state that I respect my Minister's wish to have me stop any further posts herein, particularly if in the next hour or so we conclude the out-of-court settlement touted by our respective lawyers.

If we do not conclude it, I still will not continue on this blog anymore because I have made my point of bringing Lieutenant General Matanzima out of his 10-year-old cover in shielding Zini's corruption.  I am stopping this blog and preparing to die in peace if need be, to say nothing of succumbing to  his continued threats to lock me up, to prosecute me and to bankrupt me.

I fought for South Africa's freedom not to relax after such attainment and by the same reasoning allow corrupt officials to abuse power just because they are powerful.  Let me die if need be.

I have got a plea, Mr President, that you please come down to at least protect the soldiers who were helping me record the 8 DVDs that you already have, same which are online.  The overeager general wants to prosecute them when they were nothing more than stands for the holding of the DVD camera for me who has never denied that I am blogging.  Please, Mr President Zuma; it is high time you helped your soldiers.  Just remember how they and the rest of the longsuffering nation of South Africa helped and prayed for you when you yourself were victimized and falsely charged by those who were then more powerful than you are.

My swan song will not be complete without thanking my President Zuma's co-readership of this blog particulalrly fellow South Africans, Citizens of the United States, Britain, Tanzania, Sweden and also Swaziland.  I believe you are the ones who made me and my whistle-blowing get noticed.

The next notice will probably be an obituary you will read online, because my enemies will definitely get me killed, suicided or something, unless my President comes to my rescue.  I cannot force my president to help me.  I cannot stop dying when I must die.  But I can always take that courage that my Maker is with me in life or death.

Lastly I thank the followers of my moribund blog.  Without you I would never have had courage.

I thank fellow members of the SANDF in which, despite Generals Matanzima's suspension of me since 31 March 2009, I still feel proud to be associated with.  In your SANDF I learnt to treat and to be treated by both black and white with no partiality whatsoever... except of course for those few racially rabid individuals coming from both black and white camps.  These are little tidbits, like spice in any food, there to remind us just how precious is our common humanity.  Maybe we cannot do without them.  But in your SANDF, just as I did previous with both APLA and MK, I grew immensely both spiritually and intellectually.

I wish you SANDF as an organization well.  I urge you to maintain discipline: Phiri may have a bone to chew with Lieutenant General Matanzima, but that is not, absolutely not, an excuse for not giving our General Matanzima and the Minister support.

Please give them both prayers and love just like you gave me in my struggle against them.  After all, we are South Africans; and need to find each other or annihilate each other, also a God-given choice we must appreciate without being cognizant of the requisite price we'd pay for whatever choice.

Your Excellency Zuma, thank you!

I salute you, My Commander In Chief!